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Christopher’s story is one that is different than most. As a child with Down syndrome, he faces unique health challenges. According to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, children with Down syndrome are up to 20 times more likely to develop leukemia than the general population. That is exactly what happened to 21-year old Christopher. In 2015, he was diagnosed with ALL.

As the physicians began the chemotherapy regimen, Christopher required extra care that included a very long hospital stay. He spent several months in ICU with his parents going back and forth from Huntsville to take turns with him. His grandparents also came to take care of Christopher, as they were able to stay for a few weeks at a time to help. However, when their 90 days at the Ronald McDonald House came to an end, the family found themselves with no where to stay. At that point, the social worker at Children’s contacted aTeam Ministries.

aTeam was able to help fill the gap in this family’s housing needs in order for them to continue to be with Christopher during treatment. His grandparents told us, “You be sure to thank whoever provided this for us. We could not be doing this without the apartment. I don’t know what we would have done.” So, thank you to all the supporters who have given money to enable us to provide the apartment and also to the volunteer community who reached out to provide meals. The family wrote, “The kindness and generosity your fellowship has extended is beyond belief. During this difficult time your organization has brought us a ray of sunshine. We are truly grateful for allowing us to know we had a safe and quiet place to rest, grab a quick shower, and make a cup of coffee each day as our journey continued. Your work in inspiring and we hope to “pay it forward.”

We are happy to report that Christopher is now doing well. After his long stay in the hospital, he was finally cleared to go home last week. He continues to be a huge Spider-man and a blessing to those around him. Please keep Christopher and his family in your prayers as he continues treatment and travels back and forth from Birmingham. “I know God has a purpose for Christopher’s life,” his dad told us. Let us pray that God will continue to use his life to fulfill it.