childhood leukemia

For the Jamison family, life was good on Fox Point Farms, their family-run organic farm famous for its goat milk caramels. But all that changed when their son Jesse, only seven years old, was diagnosed with leukemia.

Childhood Leukemia: An Emotional and Logistical Challenge

Like Briza, Jesse’s story of childhood leukemia begins with a fever that didn’t respond to antibiotics, and it continues to Children’s of Alabama, where he received his devastating diagnosis.

Jesse’s family had to deal not only with the shock of cancer, but also with the various logistical obstacles standing between them and Jesse’s treatment. The other four children had to continue their homeschool routine, and there was the farm to consider, too — tending to the animals, plus the relocation they were already in the middle of. These things could not just be cast aside. But how could the family coordinate everything that needed to be done, all at once?

aTeam to the Rescue

After a reference to aTeam Ministries and a phone call with Andy, the Jamison family was able to stay in the aTeam apartment immediately after Jesse’s diagnosis. This was a great gift to them — the ability to stay together, rest, and know that everyone was just right there. Additionally, it provided a clean place for Jesse to live since he could not be around the farm animals.

Thanks to aTeam’s resources, the Jamison family was able to keep running their business from the apartment while staying together and living close to the hospital. There was no frantic search for money to pay for hotels, no wondering how Jesse would manage to stay away from the animals back home. Everything was taken care of — and the family could focus on helping their son heal.

Forward and Onward

Jesse, who’s now eight years old, has just finished another phase of treatment. Some weeks are better than others, of course, but he’s making the journey through childhood leukemia with the help of his family. They all ask for continued prayers for Jesse’s recovery, and for no relapse in the future.

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