season of giving

We’re so excited to see how our 2016 Season of Giving will turn out this year! Obviously, we’re passionate about supporting pediatric cancer patient families in several ways – spiritually, emotionally, and financially. To do that last one, though, we need your help! Read on to learn all the ways your donation can help these families both now and in the future.

How Your Donation Helps Now

Families whose children have just been diagnosed with cancer are on a rocky, twisting path through a seemingly endless journey. Not only are they emotionally scattered, they’re also being hit with one expense after another: medical bills, additional gas for their cars, hotel rooms, and so on.

Obviously, these things have to be paid for. But for some families, the money is a huge issue. That’s where aTeam comes in. We come alongside these families for emotional and spiritual support, but also for financial support in the form of helping with medical bills and providing an apartment for them to stay in during their child’s recovery.

To do all of this, we need support from people like you. The money you donate today can help a family who needs that support right now!

How Your Donation Helps for the Future

We have a handful of dreams for the future of aTeam, but one of the biggest is the aDream Housing Complex. Because it’s so tough for families to find affordable housing close to their child’s hospital – and even if they find a place, it has to conform to strict guidelines for their child’s wellbeing during recovery – we’ve offered two condominiums since 2011, free of rent, to families who are going through treatment.

We want to do even more.

By 2020, we want to provide a multi-unit housing facility for patient families for both short-term and long-term treatment. This complex would feature a dedicated room for education, another for physical therapy, and a place for worship. It would also be a place where families who are walking the same road could enjoy community together – essential for anyone facing this heart-wrenching situation.

Costs for this facility are estimated to be $1,800,000. Your donation could help us get there!

Participate in Our Season of Giving!

If you’re looking for a way to help families of pediatric cancer patients, consider donating to aTeam. There are multiple ways you can give, from cash to electronics, vehicles to gift cards. Check our donations page for more details, and thank you in advance!