How to use Planet Fundraiser

March 20, 2018 ateam
Planet Fundraiser – The quick and easy way to give back! Participating merchants donate a percentage of your receipt to aTeam Ministries whenever you use the FREE app. All you have to do is shop at places you already go!   How to use Planet Fundraiser: Download the FREE Planet Fundraiser App: Apple App Store or the Google
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What Are the Symptoms of Childhood Leukemia?

February 28, 2017 ateam
When your child starts to act strangely, your first inclination is probably that they have a virus. And they very well may! But if the symptoms persist longer than usual, and your doctor’s prescribed medications aren’t helping, what then? If there’s something more serious going on under the surface, it’s important to uncover it right
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Make a New Year’s Resolution that Counts

December 14, 2016 ateam
It’s almost 2017, and with the New Year comes a New Year’s Resolution! Have you thought about making a resolution this year? Exercise and eating well are admirable ones (and certainly things that we encourage!), but we have another suggestion, too. This year, why not consider making a resolution to help kids with cancer live
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Season of Giving: How We Use Your Donations

December 13, 2016 ateam
We’re so excited to see how our 2016 Season of Giving will turn out this year! Obviously, we’re passionate about supporting pediatric cancer patient families in several ways – spiritually, emotionally, and financially. To do that last one, though, we need your help! Read on to learn all the ways your donation can help these
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How to Help Kids with Pediatric Cancer This Season

November 17, 2016 ateam
Whether it’s your own child, a friend’s, or even a stranger’s, when you see a child with pediatric cancer, you want to help. It’s a natural impulse – we see a problem, we see that it’s hurting someone, and we want to fix it. There’s not really a “quick fix” for cancer, but there is
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Giving Thanks During Your Pediatric Cancer Journey

November 15, 2016 ateam
Let’s go ahead and say it: the holidays can be really, really hard for pediatric cancer patients and their families. It seems that everyone around you is making plans to see their loved ones, perfecting their cornbread recipe, or posting pictures of their children in pilgrim costumes – and what are you doing? You’re in
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It’s Almost Time for a Day at the Game!

August 24, 2016 ateam
Sometimes, cancer needs to take a back seat — and that’s what our Day at the Game program is designed to do! This fun-filled event provides a memorable one-day fan experience, giving kids with cancer and their families a chance to live out their dreams. What Is A Day at the Game? The day includes
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Clays4Kids Shootout at Selwood Farm: Big Fun for a Great Cause

August 15, 2016 ateam
As we prepare for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, we are excited to share a unique opportunity for you to support aTeam and, in turn, support our patient families. Clays4Kids is our inaugural clay shoot to raise awareness for childhood cancer! This event will take place Friday, August 26, at Selwood Farm. Keep reading
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2016 Champions of Chemo Lake Party

August 9, 2016 ateam
Seven years ago, Betty Haisten hosted two families at the first Champions of Chemo Lake Party on Lake Martin. A celebratory event for children who had finished chemotherapy, this party would eventually grow to ten families over the next seven years — a triumph of love and joy for kids who had fought their way
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The Handbags and Heroes Luncheon Is Coming!

August 4, 2016 ateam
  There are many people who support children with cancer — family members, teachers, pastors, and friends — but on September 22, we have the opportunity to specifically honor the mothers of these precious children. You have never truly met a hero until you’ve met the mother of a child with a life-threatening disease. They
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Jesse’s Story

August 2, 2016 ateam
For the Jamison family, life was good on Fox Point Farms, their family-run organic farm famous for its goat milk caramels. But all that changed when their son Jesse, only seven years old, was diagnosed with leukemia. Childhood Leukemia: An Emotional and Logistical Challenge Like Briza, Jesse’s story of childhood leukemia begins with a fever
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Briza’s Story

June 24, 2016 ateam
Briza’s Story Imagine taking your three-year-old daughter to the doctor for a fever and receiving routine antibiotics. You would assume they would work and that your daughter would be feeling better within the next day or so — but then she doesn’t, and you find yourself rushing her to Children’s of Alabama a week later
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Meet Christopher.....

June 15, 2016 ateam
Christopher’s story is one that is different than most. As a child with Down syndrome, he faces unique health challenges. According to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, children with Down syndrome are up to 20 times more likely to develop leukemia than the general population. That is exactly what happened to 21-year old Christopher. In
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