What is Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness?

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the time of year that we Go Gold! for pediatric cancer families in Alabama. Our annual Go Gold! campaign offers:

  • Businesses to Go Gold for a day, wearing our t-shirts in support of pediatric cancer families
  • High Schools paint the gold ribbon on their football fields to recognize families dealing with cancer.
  • Area cities can proclaim a “Go Gold” day to raise awareness for the cause.

Our goal at aTeam Ministries for September is to:

  • Increase public knowledge of pediatric cancer and its symbol – the gold ribbon.
  • Increase public and community support of pediatric cancer patients and their families.
  • Provide more opportunities for childhood cancer advocacy.

aTeam Ministries is passionate about helping Alabama families on their journey with this disease and simply want to show pediatric cancer families that THEY ARE NOT ALONE!


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