Patient Artists & Artwork

A huge thanks to our patient and professional artists who participated in heart2heart 2022! Check back later for heart2heart 2023 artists.

Joseph Nelson

Joseph “Joe-Joe” Nelson is an energetic 5 year old who spreads joy wherever he goes. At just 18 months old, after many trips to the doctor to treat what they thought was an ear infection that just wasn’t getting better, an emergency room diagnosis changed his and his entire family’s lives. Joe-joe was diagnosed with an Optic Pathway and Hypothalamic Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, a brain tumor on his optic nerve. 3 days after his diagnosis, he had his first craniotomy and a few weeks after that he started chemotherapy. After a long journey of surgeries and hospital stays, he is now on his 4th chemo protocol and has developed 4 additional brain tumors—a total of 5 brain tumors. None of this has slowed him down a bit. He has handled an unimaginable situation with a smile. He is a happy, sweet kindergartener who loves going to school and playing with his brother. Despite all the obstacles that have been thrown his way, he lives his life to the fullest every single day.


Title of Piece: JoJo Master
Mixed Media

Jaxan Jernigan

Jaxan is a free-spirited 7 year old boy from Pensacola, Florida who fought the unfathomable, brain cancer, last year. On January 25th, 2021 he experienced his first seizure. It was discovered that night that he had a 6.2cm CSF Embryonal Tumor in his left frontal lobe. On February 9th, Dr. Perez at Sacred Heart Hospital spent almost 14 hours skillfully resecting Jaxan’s brain tumor. Afterward, Jaxan was treated by Dr. Dhall at Children’s of Alabama using the HeadStart4 clinical trial. On March 10th, Jaxan began 6 cycles of chemotherapy, along with three stem cell transplants. He also endured 6 weeks of proton radiation on his brain and spine. Thankfully, Jaxan responded very well to treatment and has been in remission as of November 18th, 2021, when he proudly (and loudly) hit that gong at UAB’s Proton Center.  

After missing a year of school last year, Jaxan is back in the exact same class where he left off. He is a thriving Kindergartener at Creative Learning Academy in Pensacola, Florida. He is eager to learn and loves all of his extracurricular classes. He especially loves listening to music, acting, singing, playing with Legos, creating art and science projects, walking in nature and boating with his family. 


Title of Piece: Wishing Tree

Cole Murphy

Cole is the happiest, most energetic kid you’ll ever meet. He is bursting with personality and is always willing to throw the football with anyone he can find. Cole was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2019 when he was only 3 years old. He achieved remission in 27 days, but had to continue to do treatments to keep the cancer at bay. It has been a long and rough 3 years, but we’re almost to the finish line. He is now 6 years old and will complete his treatment in May of 2022. We could not be more proud of what our sweet boy has accomplished and been through!

Title of Piece: Let’s Go!

Yandi Davis

Yandi Davis is 9 years old and lives in Birmingham, AL with her mom, stepdad, and two smaller siblings. She has 3 siblings, Kyla (19), Marley (5), and Michael (4). Yandi was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on her birthday—June 7, 2021. She had a scheduled check up with her pediatrician, where her blood work showed that she could possibly have Leukemia. They were told to immediately come to Birmingham to Children’s of Alabama. About 30 days after being diagnosed, she was in remission and remains in remission to this day. She is currently receiving treatments and will continue for about another year and half. 

Today, Yandi is an energetic, loving, beautiful soul. She attends school at Edgewood Elementary and is in the 4th grade. Yandi enjoys playing outside, doing anything with arts and crafts, traveling, and she has an obsession with music. She also loves to go to her grandma’s house. Her amazing ability to push through and fight rubs off on the people around her. Her mom says, “Above all, we could not have gone through and continue to go through this journey without God giving us the strength and placing His angels in our path to help us along the way. God will forever get the Glory for continuing to see us through these difficult and not so difficult times.”

Title of Piece: Connecting The Dots
Mixed Media

Maddie Howard

Maddie Howard was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2016 at the age of 7. Because she also was born with down syndrome, she spent the majority of her first year of treatment inpatient at Children’s Hospital. She quickly won over her doctors and nurses with her amazing compassion for others. Even during her weakest moments she would love on them and thank them for helping her. Maddie kept her bubbly personality and made sure everyone got love and hugs every day.  She is now 13 years old, 6 years from diagnosis and 4 years off treatment.  She was recently crowned Ms. Columbiana Middle School by her peers and is living life to its fullest. She loves dancing and singing and the beach. She lives with her parents Donnie and Amanda and has two big sisters Emily and Jordan and just became an aunt to her niece Bella Rae.


Title of Piece: Blue Waves on a Sunset Sky